15 things I’ll miss about France

After a lovely seven months spent in France, I’ll be returning to my hometown of Toronto, Canada this May. Here’s what I’ll really miss about la vie en rose.

  1. The fact that pain au chocolat constitutes breakfast.
  2. Having a café au lait on the patio.
  3. Seeing flowers on every balcony.
  4. Getting into countless museums at a reduced price or for free, simply because I’m under 25.
  5. Real French fries (they’re fried twice).
  6. Having a boss who constantly encourages me to work less.
  7. Getting two weeks of vacation for every six weeks of work.
  8. Being able to travel to Belgium for 1 euro (thanks Megabus).
  9. The fact that it’s normal to live in a building that’s over 100 years old.
  10. Living in a city that’s existed since Roman times.
  11. Getting a three-course lunch at the school cafeteria for 3 euros.
  12. The never-ending selection of cheap wine in a French grocery store.
  13. Seeing the entire town show up for the Saturday market.
  14. Speaking one of the most beautiful languages in the world every day.
  15. And lastly, I will kind of miss being kissed on the cheek by strangers… kind of.

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