My top 10 ESL activities

I just got back from seven months as a teaching assistant at French public schools. While I was there, I spent many a long night scouring the internet for good ESL activities. I thought I could help save some future assistants some time, by putting all of my favourite activities together. Please note I am not an ESL expert. This is solely my personal experience. I … Continue reading My top 10 ESL activities

15 things I’ll miss about France

After a lovely seven months spent in France, I’ll be returning to my hometown of Toronto, Canada this May. Here’s what I’ll really miss about la vie en rose. The fact that pain au chocolat constitutes breakfast. Having a café au lait on the patio. Seeing flowers on every balcony. Getting into countless museums at a reduced price or for free, simply because I’m under … Continue reading 15 things I’ll miss about France

5 things I learned spending 2014 in France

When I first came to France last September, I had a lot of questions. How can they live without take-out coffee shops? Why don’t they smile at me on the street? How do they all look so good all the time? In my short time in France, I have learned, accepted and embraced a few cultural quirks that come with la vie en rose. Voilà! … Continue reading 5 things I learned spending 2014 in France

Remembering Frank

I started this blog looking to find a trace of my family in Tanzania. Now, seven months later, I’ve found a blood relative in France. Frank Bicknell was my great grandmother’s brother. He grew up in Huntingdon, a small farming community in Quebec. He trained to be a house painter, just like his father James. Frank’s mother died when he was a toddler. James remarried … Continue reading Remembering Frank